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17 March, 2013

Housekeeping: A Few Quick Notes


I am an Amazon Affiliate which means I make a (small) commission when you purchase something by using the Amazon links on this page.  It does not increase the price you pay by one single penny, it only puts a few pennies in my pocket.  I only make the commission if you click the link directly from this blog and then purchase said item.  All Amazon links on this page are set up that way.

I can tell you that the reason I promote Amazon so heavily is not for the money (I think I've had one commission to date).  It's actually because I use the heck out of this site.  Let's face it, shooting is not the most main-stream activity in this country anymore, as sad as it is to say.  And then within the sub-set of Americans who are shooters, those of us who are into tactical gear and learning better self-defense and concealed carry techniques are a minority still.  My LSG (Local Gun Store) might have a tac vest on the rack, but it won't be of the same quality as the Condor vest I bought from Amazon.  I pay a little shipping, yes, but really the prices are reasonable.  You won't find me buying candles or shoes or something I can get locally from here, but for the specialty stuff, Amazon can really be a life saver.  Does your LSG carry Level III ballistic plates?  I doubt it.  


Same as above, really.  Click link here, go there and buy stuff = I get a little commission.


There is a little blank at the right side of the page that says "Follow this page by email!".  I know that sometimes I don't post very frequently, so a good way to be aware of new posts here is by submitting your email address in that blank.  It's a time-saver, really.


I don't get enough of them.  At least not nearly as many as I'd like.  Most of my comments have been from people I already know in the "real" world, outside of the blogosphere.  
Are you at a coffee shop in Berlin reading this right now?  Are you in a mortar-riddled air base outside Kandahar?  Please!  Comment!  I want to hear from you all. 
I'm even open to requests of what kinds of articles my audience might like in the future.

More Articles to Come:

I recently gained access to some new shooting friends and a new shooting area on private property owned by one of said friends.  

(Sorry about the crop.
No photo release for the minor.)

Here is a list of upcoming articles:

AR-15 Gets a Light

Setting up and Using a Condor MOLLE Vest (multi-part article)

New Boot Knife Setup

(Possibly) Night Work with my AR and M&P

Readers, please stay tuned.  I plan to make this an eventful spring and summer 2013.

And as always, wherever you are, thank you for reading.

-Gun Guy out.

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