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28 May, 2013

If You're Not Interested in Politics

Dear Reader,

If you're not interested in politics, please let me know. If you would rather I keep this blog about guns and gear, and not remind you about what the leeches, the political class in D.C. is doing to us and trying to do to us, please post a comment. If there are enough such comments I may just redirect and start a different blog for such topics.

But first let me make a case. The Bill of Rights is a list of human rights. You can repeal the first ten Amendments and that would do nothing to negate the natural, human rights found therein. The founders called these "God-given rights," but today we call them human rights, or natural rights. The moment you were born and took your first breath and cried your first cry, no one could take away that right to free speech. This country has lost its true purpose, that of a continued experiment of liberty. Today we largely stick our heads in the sand and close our eyes shut as tightly as possible while those we elect plot against us. This nation has the highest rate of incarceration and soon we will all be found guilty and punishable by imprisonment for one crime or another. If you don't know what the Code of Hammurabi is, please click the link. The short version is that even the emperor at one time believed that if you couldn't put your laws on two large slabs of stone, you shouldn't expect anyone to follow them.
The time to lift up our voices against tyranny is long past, but better late than never. Speak out. Resist. If ever the words of Mario Savio applied, that time is now: "And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers...and you've got to make it stop, and you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

Now I ask you to watch the following by Michael Badnarik and ask yourselves where your line will be drawn, how far you will be pushed by little men in expensive suits. 

01 April, 2013

Lunch at a Counter! - NOT Gun Related (not even a little bit)

Dearest readers,

A friend of mine is having a fund-raiser to get himself a wheelchair that he can't afford.  He has a job and pays his own bills, and rather than asking the government to give him some of your tax money for his chair, he is asking the community if they can help.

I respect this, and this is how I wish things were done.

Please visit his fund-raising site, and please, I understand times are hard, so if you can't donate, just give him a share of Facebook.

Thanks ahead of time.

Here's the link:

Lunch at a Counter!

Just to followup (very late I know):  Jim raised the money through this campaign and our help in a matter of about 48 hours.

17 March, 2013

Housekeeping: A Few Quick Notes


I am an Amazon Affiliate which means I make a (small) commission when you purchase something by using the Amazon links on this page.  It does not increase the price you pay by one single penny, it only puts a few pennies in my pocket.  I only make the commission if you click the link directly from this blog and then purchase said item.  All Amazon links on this page are set up that way.

I can tell you that the reason I promote Amazon so heavily is not for the money (I think I've had one commission to date).  It's actually because I use the heck out of this site.  Let's face it, shooting is not the most main-stream activity in this country anymore, as sad as it is to say.  And then within the sub-set of Americans who are shooters, those of us who are into tactical gear and learning better self-defense and concealed carry techniques are a minority still.  My LSG (Local Gun Store) might have a tac vest on the rack, but it won't be of the same quality as the Condor vest I bought from Amazon.  I pay a little shipping, yes, but really the prices are reasonable.  You won't find me buying candles or shoes or something I can get locally from here, but for the specialty stuff, Amazon can really be a life saver.  Does your LSG carry Level III ballistic plates?  I doubt it.  


Same as above, really.  Click link here, go there and buy stuff = I get a little commission.


There is a little blank at the right side of the page that says "Follow this page by email!".  I know that sometimes I don't post very frequently, so a good way to be aware of new posts here is by submitting your email address in that blank.  It's a time-saver, really.


I don't get enough of them.  At least not nearly as many as I'd like.  Most of my comments have been from people I already know in the "real" world, outside of the blogosphere.  
Are you at a coffee shop in Berlin reading this right now?  Are you in a mortar-riddled air base outside Kandahar?  Please!  Comment!  I want to hear from you all. 
I'm even open to requests of what kinds of articles my audience might like in the future.

More Articles to Come:

I recently gained access to some new shooting friends and a new shooting area on private property owned by one of said friends.  

(Sorry about the crop.
No photo release for the minor.)

Here is a list of upcoming articles:

AR-15 Gets a Light

Setting up and Using a Condor MOLLE Vest (multi-part article)

New Boot Knife Setup

(Possibly) Night Work with my AR and M&P

Readers, please stay tuned.  I plan to make this an eventful spring and summer 2013.

And as always, wherever you are, thank you for reading.

-Gun Guy out.