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19 August, 2012

Federal Gun Ban

Friends, most of us are likely old enough to remember the Clinton era assault on weapons that were mis-labelled as "assault weapons".  Do you remember going to gun shows and seeing those cool 30 round magazines for your AR-15 and not being able to buy them because they were "law enforcement and military only"?  Do you remember not having a flash suppressor because that magically made your AR a blood-thirsty killer?  I do.  I remember many of these things.  I also remember that the "pre-ban" magazines that were still available to civilians kept climbing in price.  I do not blame the distributors, because I would charge what the market will bear, just like anyone else would.  I blame the federal government and a simple piece of federal legislation that was signed into effect with the stroke of one leftist pen.

Imagine if your 30-rnd PMAG had to have been manufactured before a certain date or you would not be able to buy it?  Friends, right now they are selling for $22, give or take a buck or two.  Imagine if you were paying $66 for the same 30-rnd. magazine, and that is if you were lucky enough to find one.  I hope this country never takes another step in that direction, trampling on our rights, but I don't trust the government, and I don't think we have a good reason to, given their record.  In the last few weeks I have purchased 4 PMAGS by Magpul.  I went to the website like I normally do, but I could not purchase them there.  The website said that demand is at "crisis levels" and they are only delivering to distributors.  That is why I put up this post.  Several distributors are on Amazon, so you can still get these magazines pretty easily online.  I'm posting the links for your convenience, as well as my own:  if you click my link I do receive a small percentage, so thank you in advance.

Ranger Plate
As for you pistol mags, I'm still looking for a good supplier.  I carry a S&W M&P .40c as many of you know, and magazines are fairly pricey from the manufacturer.  I have yet to find any on Amazon.  As soon as I secure a good supply I will let you know.  The Clinton-era bans limited capacity to 10 rnds, so my compact would be safe, but if you have an M&P full-size of any caliber, you should seriously be looking for extra magazines right now.

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