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22 June, 2011

Bed Side Holsters?

Has anyone actually used one of these?  I typically just shove a holstered pistol between the mattresses, pointed in a safe direction, and take it with me in the morning.   A family member of mine has decided they need something a little more dignified than that method and I've just never used any of this equipment.

Please, if you've used one of these Holster Mate deals, add a comment there at the bottom and let me know how you like it.  Thanks!

It looks like the way to go is to buy the bracket here and then just hang the holster of your choice on there and you're in business.  It does appear that you either need a holster that clips over the top of the bracket, or you need some sort of belt or strap to wrap around the bracket if your holster has no clip.

This version comes complete with affixed Yaqui-style holster.  The possible downsides:  You can't take the holster with you, it stays on the bracket.  Sometimes if I hear a bump in the night, I'll take pistol and holster.  

Additionally, if the holster wears out at some point, you're looking at a lot of DIY work to attach another one, or simply purchasing another bracket.  I think I'd go with the plain bracket and just put whatever holster I want on there.  KISS, right?

I would, however, carefully consider the placement of this bracket.  I know some fool somewhere has hung one facing the inside of the bedroom where it invites someone to shoot you while you're sleeping.  Please, if you use one of these, place it carefully, preferably between the bed and the wall.

(A couple of inexpensive holsters below)

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