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13 November, 2010

Open Call for Products to Review

Manufacturers, distributors, designers:  This is an open call for products to review.

I can't guarantee a good review, but I can guarantee impartiality.  I can guarantee a good, solid daily-use test.  Lastly, if you allow, I will torture your product well beyond its design specifications.  Only the best survive.  My Stone River Gear review is a good example of what you can expect.  I used it regularly and evaluated that, then I put it through some water torture for which it was not designed.  It came through with shining colors.  Will your product do the same?

I will test and review any firearm or hunting-related gear or firearm.  If interested, just drop a line to

I would also like to take a brief moment to thank some of my newer international readers, in no particular order.  My thanks to the readers from:  Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Slovenia, Australia, Brazil, Germany and Japan.  

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