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30 July, 2011

Protect Yourself? Not at Walgreens.

I am an NRA member, card-carrying, and I read my "American Rifleman" magazine every month.  One of my favorite sections is "The Armed Citizen" so I usually head there first.  Right there in the August issue I saw this snipped about a pharmacist, Jeremy Hoven, who was fired for using his legally-carried concealed weapon to defend himself, his co-workers and Walgreens' inventory from 2 armed robbers.

I followed the citation and went over to The Herald-Palladium, a newspaper up in Michigan, and they confirmed the same facts.  The original article can be found here:

The synopsis is this.  The store was robbed by gunmen.  Employees complained to Walgreens management that they needed better security at the store.  Walgreens ignored these complaints, so Hoven went and got his concealed carry license and a pistol.  The next time the store was robbed, Hoven picked his moment.  When the robbers tried to coerce the employees into the back room of the store (a tactic that often leads to execution), Hoven fired on the robbers.  The robbers fled, no employee was harmed, the police arrived and made their report and no charges were filed against Hoven.  So Walgreens fired him because he violated company policy by carrying a firearm to work.

WALGREENS:  This is not acceptable.  It is despicable.  If you don't want employees to carry a weapon to work so they can defend themselves, then you, Walgreens, are responsible for hiring armed security to protect them.  Mr. Hoven broke no law when he carried that weapon, and not only did he protect himself and his coworkers from harm, he also protected your precious cash.  You are despicable backstabbers who would rather see your own employees die than violate your company policy.  This is truly a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

I will not set foot on Walgreens property again until you extend an apology to Mr. Hoven, offer to give him his job back, and change your policy to allow your employees to carry concealed weapons where legal.  I will also use any means at my disposal to promote a boycott against you and to promote any and all of your competitors until these demands are met.

Walgreens customer service can be reached via the following means (please be sure to share your opinions with them, I know I will):

Phone: toll-free (800) 925-4733
7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday thru Friday
Address: Walgreen Company Consumer Relations
1411 Lake Cook Rd, Mail Stop #L428
Deerfield, IL 60015

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  1. Hard to believe. Isn't Walgreens owned by Walmart? I think it's weird that Walgreens would be so anti-gun when Walmart has guns and ammo for sale at almost all their stores.